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Air Polishing and Air Abrasion CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

Enhanced efficacy, ergonomics, portability, and patient comfort are at the forefront of advances in dental air polishing and air abrasion systems.

Air polishing is performed with propulsion of abrasive particles through a handpiece nozzle in a compressed air/water mixture, using a self-contained delivery system or one that attaches to a handpiece. Examples include an autoclavable handpiece that keeps the water separated from the air-powder jet, a unit with a built-in heater and smaller granules that are gentler to soft tissue, and a system that uses air, water, and a sodium bicarbonate or nonsodium powder slurry to remove extrinsic stain, plaque, and soft debris while polishing tooth surfaces. Cordless, lightweight air-polishing units with wireless foot pedal control are increasingly popular.

Air abrasion for restoration preparation employs a stream of aluminum oxide particles generated from compressed air or bottled carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas. Quantity of tooth removal and depth of penetration depend on several parameters, including handpiece nozzle diameter and angulation, which ranges from 0° to 120° to enable precision cutting and shallow preparations. Operator controls are mechanical or digital, with some digital devices enabling pulsed mode operation. One single-use air abrasion tip uses “house air,” with each tip prefilled with a hard, mild, or soft abrasive powder.

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The Midwest RDH Freedom delivers a cordless prophy experience in a balanced, lightweight package. DENTSPLY Professional describes the...
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The new design of the Prophy Pen polisher handpiece keeps the water separated from the air-powder jet  and it is autoclavable for...
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The JetPolisher 2000 features Deldent’s patented H.S.T. Polishing System that mixes air, water, and sodium bicarbonate powder together...
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The air-powered ScaleMaster attaches to any 2- or 4-hole coupling and features a portable, lightweight design together with excellent...
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The Aquacut Quattro’s patented handpiece delivers a high-speed fluid stream, fed from a self-contained reservoir, to create a liquid...
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The EtchMaster is a miniaturized, efficiently packaged, and disposable air abrasion device. The EtchMaster from Groman Inc is a...
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ProphyBrite Air Polisher from Bosworth is used for plaque and stain removal with fast and gentle patient care. Consists of a fine sodium...
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Each ProphyMaster tip combines the suctioning power of the chairside high-speed evacuation and the chairside low-speed air supply to...
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With the AIR-FLOW PERIO, the practitioner now has an ergonomic device on hand to deliver superior treatment and destroy biofilm. When...
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From NSK, Prophy-Mate neo offers excellent weight balance and a lightweight, compact powder chamber so that it’s comfortable in the...
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Air-N-Go Air Polisher ACTEON Group Air-N-Go from ACTEON Group is a dual-purpose air polisher that both polishes teeth and treats...
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ACTEON has introduced the first range of powders to focus on the patient's well-being. The AIR-N-GO powders, created by SATELEC, were...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    A good hygienist wants their patients to rave about how clean and smooth their teeth feel and how shiny they look after a cleaning appointment. But, for some patients, accomplishing that clean, smooth, shiny feeling takes more effort than others. Keystone’s ProphyBrite Air Polishing Unit helps hygienists provide quick yet gentle patient care...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Air polishing has changed quite a bit over the years. Originally big, bulky units that were difficult to move and clean, many air polisher are now sleek and easy to use. For example, the Prophy-Mate neo from NSK combines an esthetic design with high functionality. The unit is designed to be balanced and lightweight, so it’s not uncomfortable in...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Zest Anchors, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of overdenture attachments, announced today that it will acquire Danville Materials, a leading manufacturer of restorative consumables and small equipment for the dental market. Steve Schiess, Zest's CEO, had this to say in a press release: For more than 40 years, Zest has been a...

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  • Jason Schwartz

    I stopped by MDC Dental’s booth to chat with CEO Javier Ramirez about Antivet, a cleaning solution for stains caused by fluorosis, smoking, or drinking. According to Ramirex, “Antivet is unique because it is the only system that works with out abrasion.” Antivet is specially formulated for the cleaning of teeth with pigmentation (brown stains)...

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  • Marie

    If you’re a longtime Palmero Healthcare customer, you are likely used to service with a smile—namely the Happy Face design that has become an integral part of Palmero’s Cling Shield® x-ray apron brand. You may have seen the upbeat design on their aprons with the iconic blue and white stripes behind it. According to Palmero president Karen...

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    • Date: 07/13/2018

    The Denture Man, James Angelone and Dr. Deliberato from Ohio bring you an amazing 8 min video covering how to reline a Denture and seating it perfectly. Kettenbach Panasil Initial Contact Light anb Lab Putty+Adhesive were used to nail this procedure.

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