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A wide range of dental products, from low- to higher-tech, is available to facilitate interproximal cleaning.


Floss (twisted or nontwisted multifilament nylon yarn, bonded or nonbonded, waxed or unwaxed, thick or thin and Teflon-type monofilament) is effective for patients with embrasures and no gingival recession, especially when facilitated by holders with rigid forks. For periodontal patients with significant attachment loss and recession, an interproximal brush is typically more effective.


Wooden and plastic tips without handles facilitate access from the buccal surfaces, primarily in anterior and bicuspid areas, and toothbrush-mounted rubber tips are easily adapted to all proximal surfaces.


Oral irrigators disrupt and detoxify subgingival plaque with a high-pressure water stream, and sometimes deliver antimicrobials into periodontal pockets. These devices usually have a built-in pump and reservoir, with plastic tips for supraginival irrigation and a soft rubber tip for subgingival irrigation.

Subgingival irrigation can provide site-specific therapy, especially when used with antimicrobials. This is accomplished in-office with a canula, with the irrigation tip aimed at or inserted at least 3mm into the periodontal pocket.

Air flossers use a rapid burst of air and water droplets to disrupt and remove interproximal plaque biofilm, and are safe to teeth and gums, implants, veneers and orthodontic brackets.

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GUM Soft-Picks
Dental Product Shopper Best Product

GUM Soft-Picks

Sunstar Americas, Inc.

GUM Soft-Picks are comfortable, easy-to-use between-teeth cleaners for on-the-go removal of dental plaque and food particles from between the teeth and around crowns, bridges, implants, dentures,...

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These products are ideal for patient distribution to ensure proper oral care between visits.
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Sunstar Americas Inc.'s GUM EasyThread Floss comes in an easy to use dispenser and makes cleaning around and underneath braces, fixed...
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GUM Soft-Picks from Sunstar Americas Inc. are comfortable, easy-to-use between-teeth cleaners for on-the-go removal of dental plaque and...
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The Pearl dental floss dispenser eliminates office clutter and optimizes counter space, requires minimal wall space, and installs...
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Reach Total Care Floss from J&J is designed with flexible Micro-groove technology that allows you to remove 2x more plaque than Glide....
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A gentle plastic perio-aid that won’t splinter. Its specially textured surface allows for the removal of interproximal plaque and food....
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3-in-1 Floss Trial Pack combines the common sense functionality of conventional dental floss with the added convenience of having a proxy...
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Uniquely and ergonomically designed for home use. Easier to use than floss. Can be safely used on implants, bridges, and orthodontics....
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Easier to use than floss. Can be safely used on implants, bridges, and orthodontics. Unsurpassed for interdental cleaning. Use it to...
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Uniquely and ergonomically designed for home use. Easy to use. Safe on implants, bridges, and orthodontics. Perfect for post-surgical...
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3-in-1 Floss Dispenser Pack combines the common sense functionality of conventional dental floss with the added convenience of having a...
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Easy to use. Safe for implants, bridges, and orthodontics. Unsurpassed for interdental cleaning. Excellent for periodontal patients....

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    When asked if they are flossing, patients often reply: “It hurts my gums.” “It’s too hard to hold.” “It catches on my braces.” “I can’t reach the back of my mouth.” You’ve heard all those reasons, and more, why patients don’t floss. GUM Soft-Picks Advanced interproximal cleaners, the newest addition to the Sunstar Soft-Picks line, will help...

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    GUM Soft-Picks Advanced from Sunstar could not be more convenient to use. The tagline is “Ideal for Use at Home or On the Go,” and I’m one of those people who keeps them by the TV and in the car as well as all the bathroom vanities in the house. The flexible bristles are comfortable and easy to work in between teeth to poke out trapped food. As...

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