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Bonding Agents, Adhesives & Etchants CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

Dental bonding agents have evolved from no-etch to total-etch (fourth- and fifth-generation) to sixth- and seventh-generation self-etch systems. With the acid, primer and bond (resin) combined in a single bottle, seventh-generation adhesive systems require only a single step, with no separate etching, rinsing or mixing. These agents come in light- and dual-cure formulations, and produce a bond strength of 20-30 MPa to enamel.

Adhesives for bonding composite resins to dentin and enamel are categorized as total-, self- or selective-etch, and usually contain resin monomers, curing initiators, inhibitors or stabilizers and solvents. They are formulated to withstand mechanical forces (especially shrinkage stress from the lining composite) and prevent leakage along the margins via adherence to enamel and dentin, and binding of the lining composite.

Etchants remove the post-preparation smear layer on teeth while opening dentinal tubules and demineralizing sufficient dentin to enable formation of resin tags within dentin structure. When combined with dentin adhesives, this process produces bond strengths adequate for placing/retaining restorations.

Total etching employs 30% to 40% phosphoric acid gel, producing high bond strengths without interfering with dual-cure resin product polymerization. Formulated with 10% maleic acid or acidic monomers, self-etching systems virtually eliminate the postoperative sensitivity seen with over-etching or over-drying of the dentin.

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Bisco, Inc

Combining etching, priming, and bonding, BISCO created ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, an ethanol/water-based...

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The Gluma Comfort Bond + Desensitizer from Heraeus combines the...
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The high-power bonds between a prepared tooth and an amalgam alloy...
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ACE ALL-BOND TE is a dual-cured, all-in-one, etch-and-rinse...
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It also provides an aggressive enamel etch and a higher viscosity...
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The unique outer case delivery system allows direct finger control...
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Prelude may be used without the primer as a total-etch system....
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The innovative combination of three different functional groups...
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This seventh-generation bonding agent provides one-step...
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CLEARFIL SE PROTECT has minimal dentin decalcification, maximum...
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iBOND Self Etch combines high bond strength to dentin and enamel,...
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Unlike other adhesives, the nanoparticles will not clump or settle,...
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Z-PRIME PLUS is a primer used to enhance adhesion between...

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    Help BISCO celebrate its 35th anniversary and take advantage of their 35% off promotion! Over the past 35 years, BISCO has become a leader in adhesion dentistry and restorative materials. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, BISCO has built a tradition of excellence through its research and development, manufacturing, and...

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