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Well-designed cabinetry is a must for an efficiently run dental office, whether it is a brand-new office under construction or an existing one under renovation. The long-term results of greater efficiency will be noteworthy savings in labor and costs.


Most dental product manufacturers today offer not only the products but also the design support and expertise to achieve maximum use of available space to create a productive workplace as well as a relaxing atmosphere for the patient. Whether it is the placement of center consoles to maximize treatment space, utilization of treatment consoles as central operatory workstations, or side casework for accessory and supply storage, properly designed and manufactured dental cabinetry can integrate technology with ergonomics to assemble an efficient operatory. A highly efficient treatment room is dependent on accessible work surfaces and locations for dental instruments such as handpieces, syringes, and vacuum components. Other important features to consider for the dental operatory are convenient access to side cabinets, undercounter storage, wrap station, autoclave tower, foot-activated water control, and containers for paper and contaminated waste.

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The Cubex system provides a centralized storage location from which dental supplies are easily accessed, controlled and tracked....
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Pelton & Crane introduces the Renaissance Collection of dental furniture. The Renaissance Collection was created in close...
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When Pelton & Crane designed the Solaris Sterilization Center, the goal was to do more than create a better product. Their objective...
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Center island cabinet unit with optional solid surafce countertop and sink options, colored edge banding, additional shelves, four-drawer...
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It features 4 full-extension, lockable drawers with heavy-duty steel drawer glides, scuff-proof HDPE top that doubles as a work surface,...
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Add sophistication and efficiency to practice remodels with Saratoga’s Pininfarina dental cabinet line. The graceful curvature and...
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The “Exclusive” line retains highly rated ergonomic functions while offering more traditional features—all at a competitive price. The...
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The ECO9 Mobile Cart is the perfect addition to any operatory. With a sliding worksurface top, ample storage, and space saving...
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The D1 Doctor’s Side Cabinet features an attractive flowing appearance that incorporates a curved end section with concealed storage....
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The D5CM Space Saver Consoles support rear delivery functions in operatory rooms that have length constraints. These cabinets have a thin...
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The D3 Assistant’s Side Cabinet provides attractively designed and efficient storage of items that are required to support assistant...
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The D66CM Left-Right Rear Treatment Consoles offer extensive vertical storage capability and utilize a 4-way sliding work surface for...

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  • Brian Donahue

    Purchasing equipment for the operatory can seem like a daunting task. Throughout the process, you may ask yourself questions like “Am I buying the right product?”, “Is this product better than that product?”, and “When will I see a profit from my purchase?”. Buyer’s remorse, or worse, getting stuck with unreliable equipment, can be the final...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    The Evolution line of cabinetry represents not only the evolution of the company, but also the evolution of dentistry. Dental Product Shopper caught up with Don Erickson, district sales manager for Planmeca, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting to learn more about the new possibilities in the operatory. “One of the neat things about the...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Dental Product Shopper talked with one of the “green” dentists seeking certification by the Eco Dentistry Association, Dr. Benjamin Farrow, from Monroe Street Family Dental in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Farrow’s practice is set up to use environmentally friendly methods and materials wherever possible, while minimizing waste and energy. In fact,...

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  • Allison Walker

    In the case of Bisco’s All-Bond Universal, “universal” means it can be used for virtually everything: direct restorations, indirect restorations, in conjunction with other materials, in any etch situation, and without needing any additional activators. This has to be the definition of truly universal. All-Bond Universal contains MDP monomer,...

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  • Lauren Fedorko

    DenMat’s soft-tissue lasers revolutionize the way doctors and dental professionals provide care. They promise patient comfort, production efficiency, and clinician benefits. For patients, the laser offers a healthier approach to tissue management, a more comfortable procedure, and a minimal need for anesthesia. The product benefits do not end...

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  • Marie Durett

    Using a heating pad can work wonders on sore muscles. Boiling water is the universal first step for a making a successful pasta dish. A glue gun warms a cold stick of glue before it shoots it out for your craft project. So often it holds true: heating material up makes it easier to work with. Dental composites also benefit from being heated....

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