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Most of today’s definitive, indirect restorations are luted to preparations using glass ionomer (GI), resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI), resin or self-etching resin cements. 

Used primarily for metallic and PFM restorations, GI cement is extremely moisture-tolerant and is fluoride-releasing. Its extremely thin film allows it to be applied sparingly on internal restoration surfaces to help eliminate placement-related hydraulic issues.

RMGI cements provide benefits similar to those of GIs but are also insoluble in oral fluids, making them especially useful when moisture control is essential. RMGIs also are beneficial when used with zirconia- and alumina-based ceramics, and with lithium disilicate pressed and milled inlays and onlays.

Conventional resin cements require use of a total-etch technique and a dentin adhesive prior to luting, and most manufacturers and clinicians recommend placing etchable, partial-coverage, all-ceramic restorations using the total-etch technique and resin cement only. These cements form a micromechanical bond to tooth structure and the restorative material, and are insoluble in oral fluids.

The introduction of self-etching resin cements eliminated the need for tooth surface pretreatment. These cements can be used with materials such as metallic crowns, inlays and onlays; milled and pressed all-ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays; and PFM crowns.

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ResiCem offers worry-free zirconia bonding with AZ Primer. Exclusively developed for modern materials such as zirconia and alumina, AZ...
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Resinomer is a dual-cured, glass filled (57%), fluoride-releasing composite with flow characteristics that make it the perfect liner,...
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C & B Metabond from Parkell is a cement system is extremely durable while maintaining a short set time. The cement system is an ideal...
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The Clicker dispenser was first made popular with the original RelyX Unicem cement, and now the benefits of this delivery system will be...
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The eugenol-free formula will not inhibit the polymerization of composite resin cements. It’s compatible with temporary crown and bridge...
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Compared to competitive veneer cements, RelyX Veneer Cement is more stable, which leads to better long-term results of the veneer...
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When so much time, effort, and money is spent on cosmetic indirect restorations by the dentist, the laboratory technician, and the...
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GC Fuji PLUS is also available in capsule and powder-liquid delivery system.
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Z-PRIME PLUS is a primer used to enhance adhesion between Zirconia-Alumina-Metal-Composite Restorations and resin cements. Z-PRIME Plus...
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ZONEfree is the first translucent zinc oxide, non-eugenol temporary dental cement available to dental offices. Ideal for temporary...
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Its high bonding strength, tough fracture resistance, low-film thickness, and radiopacity make it the ideal material of choice for...
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BioCem™ is the first adhesive luting cement that combines impressive bioactive benefits with powerful bonding and convenience....

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