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Digital impressions and the 3D models they create simplify the dental impression process while increasing accuracy and detail, decreasing procedure time, eliminating the patient discomfort associated with impression materials and enabling digital integration with laboratories and chairside units. Optical digital impression scanners use blue LED light and require a contrasting medium or powder, while those that employ laser technology scan, measure and acquire the image without the need for powder.

Using digital impression systems, captured scans can be sent directly to the lab or to a chairside system. Among the systems intended for chairside use are model-only systems and those that include milling units, enabling same-day fabrications.

The two types of modeling systems are a rapid prototyping technology known as stereolithography (SLA), and milling, in which models are produced using a pre-cured urethane block. Among the scanners available is a chairside unit that employs a video-type format and blue LED scanning system, which requires powder. The SLA model produced by the scanner’s downloaded data enables fabrication of any type of restoration. An optically assisted laser scanner, which requires no powder, produces real-time imaging, allowing the practitioner to view the model being built while proceeding through the scanning process.

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Planmeca PlanScan

Planmeca PlanScan

Planmeca USA

Planmeca PlanScan is the first dental unit integrated intraoral scanner for digital 3D...

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The Lava Scan ST Design System lab-based scanner for gypsum model...
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The Maestro 3D is designed with intuitive viewing software and...
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Requiring no external heater or powder, the CS 3500 features...
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The inEos X5 employs superior 5-axis technology that utilizes a...
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APOLLO DI, offers dentists an economical entry into the world of...
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The directScan from Hint-ELs closes the gap between the dentist and...

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    Digital intraoral scanners are a vital tool in combating a number of pain points that oral health care professionals experience when taking impressions—from messy alginate to gagging patients to inaccurate or incomplete impressions. Ultimately, whether they handle restorative, orthodontic or implant-born restorative cases, dentists want a...

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    Haven’t decided if you want to invest in intraoral digital impression scanning in your practice? Worried about how much it costs and the time needed for learning a new skill? Check out this ROI calculator from 3Shape. Put in some basic information—number of dentists, number of crown and bridge restorations, and number of implant restorations—to...

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