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Digital Impressions|Scanners CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

Digital impressions and the 3D models they create simplify the dental impression process while increasing accuracy and detail, decreasing procedure time, eliminating the patient discomfort associated with impression materials and enabling digital integration with laboratories and chairside units. Optical digital impression scanners use blue LED light and require a contrasting medium or powder, while those that employ laser technology scan, measure and acquire the image without the need for powder.

Using digital impression systems, captured scans can be sent directly to the lab or to a chairside system. Among the systems intended for chairside use are model-only systems and those that include milling units, enabling same-day fabrications.

The two types of modeling systems are a rapid prototyping technology known as stereolithography (SLA), and milling, in which models are produced using a pre-cured urethane block. Among the scanners available is a chairside unit that employs a video-type format and blue LED scanning system, which requires powder. The SLA model produced by the scanner’s downloaded data enables fabrication of any type of restoration. An optically assisted laser scanner, which requires no powder, produces real-time imaging, allowing the practitioner to view the model being built while proceeding through the scanning process.

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Planmeca Emerald™

Planmeca Emerald™

Planmeca USA

Planmeca Emerald™ Intraoral Scanner is engineered with advanced optics and enhanced algorithms to increase the speed of image capture. Emerald quickly scans full arch digital models for treatment...

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3Shape’s D800 series of digital scanners, with their 5.0 megapixel camera, capture complete textures and markings and offer detailed...
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CAD/CAM System CEREC AC is the first CAD/CAM system to enable both chairside milling and laboratory-generated restorations—both with...
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3Shape’s TRIOS uses Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology to capture more than 3000 two-dimensional images per second. It then combines...
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The time for the scanning sequence of the iTero Intra-Oral Scanner is similar to the setting time of conventional impression...
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Straumann CARES System 8.0 completes the integration of CARES into the DWOS platform for customized abutments and full-contour crowns...
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This data is captured and sent to a Straumann CARES laboratory, where the dental technician can design the restoration without waiting on...
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The Lava Scan ST Design System lab-based scanner for gypsum model is packaged with a PC and Lava Design Software for Lava Zirconia...
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The Maestro 3D is designed with intuitive viewing software and analytical tools that allows the dentist to manage and edit digital STL...
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The NobelProcera scanner from Nobel Biocare uses a unique scanning technology combining high accuracy with ease of use.
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SCAN MAN CAD/CAM Spray features a micro-thin particle size for precise scans allowing the scanner to read the surface accurately. SCAN...
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Micro thin particle size for precise scans allows the scanner to read the surface accurately. Scan Man CAD/CAM Spray is also...
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The DentSCAN scanner uses the latest generation of white-light 3D scanning technology to provide fast and accurate data capture. This is...

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  • Ron Kaminer

    For crown preps, I always reach for my Ti-Max Z95L. NSK has combined one of the smallest heads on the market with features that create a comfortable, precise, durable handpiece. The short, small-diameter head and slim neck give me excellent visibility along with easy access to all areas of the mouth. I do both traditional and digital...

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  • Alan Jurim, DDS

    Q: What does it mean to be a fully digital practice in 2018? A: In my practice, what it really means to be fully digital is more than just one element, such as intraoral scanning, photography, video, or digital manufacturing processes. What it truly means to be digital, in my mind, is the integration of how all these systems are working...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Planmeca announced today that its Planmeca Emerald intraoral scanner has been accepted for use with the ClearCorrect clear aligner system. Both the Planmeca Emerald and Planmeca Planscan can now be smoothly integrated into dental practices’ clear aligner workflow. The Planmeca Emerald is a next-generation scanner designed to quickly deliver...

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    Have you seen that new commercial where the young girl says, “What’s a computer?” I remember saying that myself a few decades ago. Soon, computers as we know them today will be a thing of the past. That’s how fast things are changing. You just can’t get away with “Low Def” or low tech anymore. Everything from your car, to your TV, mobile phone,...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Congratulations to the following innovative dental manufacturers for winning the prestigious 2017 Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Awards! And a special shout out to Orascoptic as the first company ever to take home three of the awards. The “Best of Class” recognizes innovative dental technologies, and the winning products are selected by an...

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  • Allison Walker

    Having the right technology can make or break relationships with patients as well as referring doctors. It was normal when I was young for a general dentist to send patients to a specialist to determine if he or she needed a root canal or it was time to pull wisdom teeth. But today, it’s more common for dentists to have the diagnostic technology...

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