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Digital radiography uses computer technology and digital receptors for the acquisition, viewing, enhancement, storage, and transfer of radiographic images. Radiation-sensitive detectors capture and convert the image into numeric data, and enable image display on a monitor. An x-ray machine that produces small increments of radiation, a computer and monitor (with appropriate hardware, software and printing capabilities), an analog-to-digital converter, and a digital sensor are required components for the technology.

In intraoral digital radiography, analog data are acquired by the receptor (direct, which communicates via cable with the computer; and indirect, which requires a scanning step) and converted to digital data by an analog-to-digital converter. These receptors are highly sensitive sensors that require considerably less radiation exposure than film. Extraoral digital images can also be acquired via direct or indirect digital imaging systems. Digital panoramic and cephalometric machines employ either linear array CCD or CMOS detectors, or PSP plate sensors.

In addition to the frequently cited radiation dose reduction, digital radiography affords additional benefits, including the ability to more quickly view images and to enhance them via computerized image processing to improve, correct, analyze or alter. Other benefits include ease of storage, retrieval, duplication and transmission; and elimination of chemical processing/handling/waste.

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ACTEON created PSPIX to be the first personal imaging plate scanner on the market. The single-user, digital phosphor plate imaging scanner provides images within a few seconds, saving time and...

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EZSensor offers excellent diagnostic images that are essential to successful implant surgery and endodontic treatment. Featuring...
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GALILEOS 3D cone beam digital radiography system combines a low radiation dosage with superior image quality. Introduced by Sirona at...
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With a fast USB 2.0 connection, crystal-clear images and a size 0 sensor, the RVG 6100 is ideal for pediatric patients. Designed to...
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Schick 33 intraoral sensor from Schick by Sirona combines high-resolution images and dynamic image management. The sensor’s patented...
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The Snapshot sensors lend themselves to all types of dental practices and intraoral imaging needs. The sensors are particularly easy to...
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The flexible and easy-to-use CR 7400 uses existing x-ray equipment and accessories to de liver faster and more detailed images. Workflow...
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This versatile system uses proven Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) technology, which directly converts x-ray photons into data for generating...
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PreXion’s “3D Viewer” software contains a number of modules for creating 3D images along with 2D panoramic views in real-time. The images...
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In addition to providing clear, sharp images, the ScanX Swift sensors are 30 times thinner than rigid sensors, and cordless as well. This...
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The CMOS imaging chip is designed for maximum durability, and the sensor sizes are nearly identical to size 1 and size 2 films. Fast USB...
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Imaging Sciences introduces Tru- Pan, a breakthrough in cone beam technology for the award-winning i- CAT. Tru-Pan is revolutionary...
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The CRANEX Novuse is designed for ease of use and efficiency. It captures a panoramic exposure on adults in 9 seconds, 8 seconds for a...

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  • Julie Cullen

    What were you doing in 1962? Were you starting a dental equipment company that’s become an international corporation manufacturing some of the most innovative products in the profession? Probably not. But that’s what Louis E. Brooks, Jack Alpert and George Kauer were doing when they founded Air Techniques. And now the company is celebrating 55...

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  • Allison Walker

    You know how everything is associated with an icon these days? Panoramic’s Platinum Care Package has seven! If you purchase a digital imaging system from them, Panoramic provides seven areas of customer support. 1. Live phone support: from 8 am-6 pm EST, you can reach a real person to ask questions about user operation, patient positioning...

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  • Allison Walker

    If you are an orthodontist and have a panoramic system with cephalometric capabilities, such as the CS 8100SC from Carestream Dental, you have set yourself apart in a competitive field. Cephalometric technology aids in patient education and case acceptance, not to mention diagnosis and treatment planning. Carestream Dental’s proprietary...

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    Panoramic Corporation has an interesting history. The story begins with Dr. Robert Stetzel graduating from dental school in 1953. He started a private practice 4 years later, after serving in the US Marine Corps. Although he only encouraged them to develop a good work ethic, his two sons—Mark and Eric—followed in his footsteps, but taking...

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  • Allison Walker

    Acteon recently introduced XMind Trium, which sounds like the most versatile panoramic dental unit on the market. It can be upgraded to 3D (CBCT) and cephalometry to provide a full range of medium FOV sizes for 2D and 3D imaging. Image quality is said to be perfectly uniform and of the highest caliber. The software is intuitive and...

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  • Stephen Dadaian, DDS

    My team and I deliver dentistry in a modern, state-of-the art office, so it’s important to invest in reliable technology that gives me a good return on my investment. ProVecta HD from Air Techniques fits those requirements for me. The system works well in my hands and fits with my workflow. For example, if I want to use our ScanX Swift to take...

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