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Finishing & Polishing CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

Effective finishing/polishing enhances dental esthetics while maximizing restoration strength, maintaining compatibility of occlusal relations and preventing biofilm/plaque retention.


Diamond finishing burs produce clean cuts and a high polish via grinding when material removal is not a concern, with finer grits producing a higher polish/finish. Carbide burs employ cutting to chip away substrate with greater precision than that achieved with grinding, and help conserve natural tooth structure by differentiating between soft composite and hard enamel. Specialized carbide burs enable trimming and finishing of tooth-colored plastic filling materials.


Many polishing systems employ disks, points and cups with rubber impregnated with diamonds, aluminum oxide or aluminum oxide-silicone-carbide. Other systems feature abrasive-coated polishing discs.


Ceramic polishers frequently incorporate embedded aluminum oxide, diamond-impregnated polishing brushes and felt discs for use after adjustments are made to fired porcelain. Also available are pastes that produce an ultra-high-shine polish with polishing cups, silicone polishers, and even rotary carbide burs.


An increasing trend toward finishing/polishing systems that reduce the number of required steps includes carbide burs that produce polishing-ready surfaces and silicone polishers that create a glossy shine on all tooth-colored direct restorative materials. These reusable instruments vary the amount of material removed according to the pressure applied, eliminating the need to change instruments.

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Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System
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Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent's Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System is a solution in which all adjustors and...

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Blue and Copper Narrow Strips (2.5 mm Wide): The Sub-Gingival...
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Acrylic Master Kit #1322 instruments may be used on all types of...
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Jazz P2S Porcelain and Metal Single Patient Polishing System for...
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SwissFlex Discs and Strips can be used on composite, amalgam, glass...
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Diamond Twist SCO from Premier Dental is an Intraoral Polishing...
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Luminescence Plus from Premier Dental is a diamond polishing system...
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Luminescence Plus from Premier Dental is a diamond polishing system...
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Politip is a two-step polishing system available in three shapes to...

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    I know there are some fisherman/woman dentists out there (I’ve met a few!). It’s a gorgeous afternoon, the sun is warming up the winter landscape, and I’m already thinking about fishing in just a few months from now. That’s what I like about the Minnow Polishers logo—the little fish that evokes the Microcopy product line’s nickname: “The...

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    Something to add to my always expanding dental knowledge: restorations that are not properly adjusted and polished can develop microfractures and scratch the opposing natural teeth. And this is a particular challenge with zirconia, lithium disilicate, and porcelain restorations because they are extremely hard. You want that kind of toughness to...

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    Since Shofu Corporation first launched Super-Snap X-Treme Finishing and Polishing instruments, they have one accolades from the profession and been featured in articles and case studies. So, what is it about these tools that has everyone talking? Three-dimensional semispherical grit, that’s what. This 3D coating (you can see it in the photo) on...

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    Zest Anchors, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of overdenture attachments, announced today that it will acquire Danville Materials, a leading manufacturer of restorative consumables and small equipment for the dental market. Steve Schiess, Zest's CEO, had this to say in a press release: For more than 40 years, Zest has been a...

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