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ReSURGE Instrument Cleaning Solution
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ReSURGE Instrument Cleaning Solution

Sultan Healthcare

ReSURGE's unique formula can help protect instruments' outer coating, reducing the potential for stains, spots, and rust. ReSURGE helps keep instruments cleaner and looking newer for longer, with...

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Vision USA is pleased to annouce their latest new product offering, Purge All ZR zirconia furnace decontaminator.
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Made of 2-ply extra thick absorbent paper, BioBibs from PureLife Dental are tear-resistant and have a protective poly moisture barrier....
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The new line includes cotton and paper products, gloves, infection control materials, and many other useful consumable and disposable ...
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Developed for use in the dental operatory and lab, Preference Liquid Hand Sanitizer by Whip Mix kills 99.9% of the most common germs...
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Available from Henry Schein, Dri-Gard Towels Chainless with Ties are efficient, absorbant patient bibs that feature built-in ties to...
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Dri-Gard Plus Towels for Children and Teens provide quick absorbency and excellent moisture barrier as it protects patient's clothing....
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Their expanded size helps maximize coverage, while the contoured neck extends coverage over the arms and shoulders.
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Ideal for smaller applications such as light handles, small control panels, and doorknobs, these mini-sized plastic barriers feature an...
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Perfectly sized and contoured to slide over most standard mice, each sheath has a clear plastic design that does not hinder the...
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The STIK-EZE design is user-friendly and cost effective for all dental professionals. The STIK-EZE tear and puncture-resistant...
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DentaSOAK is non-toxic, alcohol-free, and free of persulfates, a known allergen than can be toxic for some patients. To assist patients...
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The site features charts, checklists, training tools, continuing education programs, news summaries, and more. Much of the content is...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Whether delivering air, water, or mist, nearly all dental procedures require use of an air/water syringe, which is why syringe tips are so important. The ideal syringe tip is versatile, hygienic, single-use, and easy to use, and Medicom’s new Pro-Tip Turbo single-use air/water syringe tips lives up to all those expectations. Unique Dual-Chamber...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    It’s that time of year again. For most of us the weather gets colder in autumn and leaves turn all kinds of beautiful colors. Retailers start selling holiday merchandise in hopes of reaping their bounty during the busiest shopping days of the year. It’s also time for dental practices to firm up their 4th quarter equipment purchases in order to...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    SciCan has a winner with its one-step surface cleaning and disinfectant cleaner, OPTIM 33TB. Available in a spray or a pre-moistened towelette, OPTIM 33TB’s patented technology is designed to deliver better cleaning and faster disinfection results – all while combining cleaning and disinfection into one step. One of the greatest advantages of...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    There’s always that one person who ruins it for the rest of us. The football team that lets air out of the ball to gain an advantage. The passenger in a car accident who fakes an injury to get a settlement. A college student who cheats on an exam. Even a dentist who wipes off ‘single-use’ burs and uses them again. I’m sure that nearly every...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Recently, I wrote about a pediatric clinic that had improperly installed the tubing that carries nitrous oxide. This resulted in the University of Iowa having to notify the families of more than 124 pediatric patients. Then earlier this week, a colleague called my attention to another recent case involving children and clinical lines. This time,...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Do you use tablets or smart phones in your practice? If so, are you disinfecting them properly (or at all)? Mobile devices are breeding grounds for germs that can be harmful to patients and staff. You disinfect your equipment and operatory surfaces, but often smart phones and tablets are overlooked in the infection control process. As the use of...

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