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4 Years
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640 x 480


The most commonly used tools by dental professionals for clinical documentation, intraoral cameras have almost completely replaced the use of film for operatory photography. Zoom capacity rivals that of conventional microscopes, and most of these portable, wand-shaped cameras are digital, providing exceptional visibility for diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring over time. Instantly captured high-definition images enhance patient compliance and education by allowing patients to see what the clinician sees. Some intraoral cameras also can capture extraoral images, such as those needed for patient records.

Images are easily shared and the systems integrate with a range of imaging and practice management software applications. They connect easily to computers either wirelessly, or via USB or docking stations. Most intraoral cameras employ LED, enabling image capture without external lighting.

Practitioners selecting intraoral cameras should keep in mind that:

-Higher-resolution cameras tend to capture images with better clarity

-User-friendly USB connectivity facilitates movement from room to room

-The capture button should be positioned to allow snapping of images regardless of orientation in the mouth (in some cameras, a swipe function eliminates the need to push a button)

-Included software or drivers should be compatible with existing software (“TWAIN compliant” indicates that different cameras are compatible with different software applications).

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SoproCARE was developed to answer the needs of dental professionals during caries detection, prophylaxis, and periodontal treatment in the clinical environment. Using patented fluorescence...

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Polaris Intraoral Camera Air Techniques, Inc Polaris combines ease of use, ergonomics, and portability into 1 intraoral camera. Air...
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DiscoveryPad includes a new adjustable focus wireless intraoral camera, which features an adjustable focal length from macro to full...
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Features include a Sony Super HAD color 1/4-inch imager, precision optics with focal range of 1 mm-infinity for macro to full facial...
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SOPROLIFE easily switches from intraoral camera to caries-detection device. ACTEON’s SOPROLIFE (light-induced fluorescence evaluator) is...
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Schick by Sirona offers the lightweight Schick USBCam4 intraoral camera with high image sensitivity to provide excellent image quality....
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A bright and clear OLED screen provides device stats, and the dual-layer lens does not fog up during use. The Discovery360’s “easy...
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Intraoral cameras have become an essential technology in dental practices. Now, your practice can show patients the care they need with...
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The small, lightweight CS 1500 from Carestream Dental is designed for user comfort and ease of maneuverability within the patient’s...
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The latest innovative technology offering by Sun Dental Labs is the SunScan Scanner System which includes the CS3500 Intraoral Scanner,...
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Among some of ezCam's features are: standard or mirror view; a contoured design for easy grip; four selectable channels for multi-room...
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The FireCam HD by 3DISC Imaging is a high-definition intraoral camera that delivers high-definition images during consultations,...
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DEXIS' DEXcam 4 intraoral video camera is designed for patient com- munication and case documentation. This easy-to-use camera includes a...

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