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The use of operatory magnification via dental loupes, surgical loupes, and/or dental microscopes is considered the standard of care in dentistry, especially for endodontic procedures.

Most dental practitioners use 2.5x magnification for day-to-day use, reserving levels of 4x to 8x for selected procedures. Flip-up loupes are still commonly used, but their popularity has been surpassed by that of through-the-lens magnification.

When selecting dental loupes, clinicians should keep in mind that:

-Depth and width of field decrease as magnification increases;

-Taller clinicians typically require higher power than practitioners of average height (loupe visual acuity decreases as working distances increase);

-Magnification levels of loupes from different manufacturers may be rated differently (i.e, “Company A’s” 3.5x loupes may be equivalent to “Company B’s” 2.5x loupes).

Clinical microscopes provide magnification of 20x and higher. While used routinely by some dentists, others use loupes for the bulk of procedures and then switch to microscopes for completion.

A newer device intended to replace cameras, loupes, microscopes and operatory lights enables clinicians to view the operating field on a monitor directly in front of patients while working in a more ergonomic (upright, heads-up, relaxed) sitting position. Magnification ranges from 1x to 23x and the 4" depth of field enables a wide range of procedures.

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Seiler Instrument Inc.

Seiler Evolution XR6 also features 6 steps of magnification, LED light, 0-220 Ergo head, and the...

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The MORA Interface enables easy and precise movement of the OPMI...
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SurgiTel’s full line of ergonomic custom loupes help to alleviate...
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Surgical loupes are available as clip-on or full-frame designs, and...
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PeriOptix frames are designed by premium brand names such as...
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This new innovation combines Orascoptic’s award-winning loupes with...
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Featuring magnification powers from 3x to 8x, the expanded field...
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These magnification designs of SurgiTel’s Micro Line Loupes were...
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Featuring bright, direct LED light, dualpivot points, an on/off...
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Very portable with a minimal footprint, the S300II’s working...
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These glasses allow clinicians to sit up straight while viewing...

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  • Allison Walker

    The EyeZoom Mini, the second loupe to be launched under the EyeZoom brand from Orascoptic, features a two-step variable magnification technology so you can switch from 2.5x to 3.5x effortlessly, without stopping what you’re doing or taking them off. Being able to zoom in to see finer details and zoom out for a wider field of view by simply...

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  • Julie Cullen

    When quality and affordability come together in a product, the dental profession takes notice. That’s certainly the case with the Alpha Air Scope from Seiler Precision Microscope. This particular microscope meets the needs of dentists on a variety of levels. Alpha Air Scope features include 3 or 6 step magnification, a 250 mm objective lens, LED...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Dr. Martin Goldstein perfectly sums up the benefits of magnification, especially when coupled with digital cameras: “Aside from the well-known ergonomic benefits of achieving a healthier posture via a properly fitted set of loupes, doesn’t it make perfect sense to harness the power of higher magnification, particularly when coupled with the high...

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  • Julie Cullen

    “If you want to prolong your career and practice pain free and with joy, I strongly encourage you to invest in loupes to save your spine! Find the loupes that work for you and go for it. Do not wait for your boss to buy them for you. Take charge of your career and invest in yourself. Your health is worth it.” That’s what Edie Gibson, RDH, BSDH,...

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  • Julie Cullen

    In my neck of the woods, I often see bikers (bicycle bikers and motorcycle bikers) riding with GoPro cameras attached to their helmets. And I’ve seen tons of videos taken from the point of view of skiers, surfers, snow boarders, and mountain bikers. I even saw one from the perspective of a dog because the owner had figured out a way to strap the...

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  • Sancerie ORourke Allen

    NAME: Sancerie O'Rourke-Allen, DDS, MAGD DENTAL SCHOOL: Baylor College of Dentistry YEARS IN PRACTICE: 18 years SPECIALTY: General Dentistry PRACTICE LOCATION: Baton Rouge, LA FAVORITE DENTAL PRODUCT: Orascoptic XV1 Loupes with built-in cable-less headlight I became a Dental Product Shopper evaluator because I wanted to be on the cutting edge of...

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