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Milling systems for the fabrication of complete and partial restorations operate via CAM software-generated programs/sequences, with some programs integrated into the CAD or design software and others acting as standalones. Most milling tools are made of carbide steel, but diamond-encrusted tools are sometimes used to mill glass ceramics.


Mills are available in tabletop, bench-top, and standalone sizes.

  • Easily portable, most tabletop units ($30,000 to $50,000) are configured to mill single-unit blocks but some have fixtures for small frames or disks. These units sometimes have fixed tool changers, requiring manual switching of burs.
  • Bench-top mills ($50,000 to $150,000) weigh up to 500 pounds, often requiring special lifting and support equipment. Automatic tool changers are standard, and some units have extra tool positions for additional detail and can mill certain metal and glass ceramic configurations.
  • Freestanding units ($100,000 to $500,000) can mill the toughest materials in larger stocks, and can mill anything the smaller units can when a fixture is used to hold the material. These units weigh over 1,000 pounds and sometimes require floor reinforcement.

Wet versus dry. Most mills operate as either wet or dry, but some dry mills can be converted to operate as wet, and others can operate as dry or wet. Certain ceramics (e.g., lithium disilicate and feldspathic porcelains) and some metals (e.g., chrome cobalt) generally require wet milling, wax and acrylic for temporaries are typically milled dry, and zirconia and titanium can be milled dry or wet.


Wet milling uses liquid for cooling and to remove material from the milling disk or block, while dry milling uses pressurized air, vacuum or both to remove scrap. Both systems require maintenance cleanings and wet mills require periodic replacement of cutting liquid. With no drying required before sintering, dry-milled restorations can be fabricated chairside.

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• Complete chairside and labside spectrum for block sizes of up to 85 mm• Grind/mill all CEREC and CEREC Practice Lab indications and...
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The Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine works with zirconia, wax blocks, and the Lava DVS.
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DentMILL for Roland incorporates dedicated templates for the automated generation of 3-axis and 5-axis toolpaths specifically for the...
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Delcam’s DentMILL 2014 is the latest release of Delcam’s open dental CAM solution, which is designed to mill all types of restoration,...
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Offering full-contour crowns, substructures, wax patterns, and custom hybrid abutments, all restorations are milled using Vericore...
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3M ESPE unveils an expanded Lava CAD/CAM system with the release of several new products including hardware, software, and materials.
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The SensAble Dental Lab System is an integrated solution to scan, design, and fabricate common restorations.
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Z-Sthetic Zirconia crowns are indicated for single crowns, splinted crowns, and bridges (up to and including full arch in any anterior...
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Offered by Drake Dental Laboratory, ZirCast is a strong, full-contour zirconia crown designed and milled using precision CAD/CAM...
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With the addition of the optional 4-position ATC, the DWX-4 supports up to 4 different tool sizes for precise unattended milling of...
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A whisper-quiet, high-speed Jäger high-frequency spindle (60,000 rpm) ensures a precise and reliable milling result. Purchase of the mill...
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DentMILL for Datron and DentMILL for DDL follow the pattern established by the DentMILL for Roland milling software. These OEM versions...

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