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Lighthouse 360 Practice Management Software
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Lighthouse 360 Practice Management Software

Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360 provides dental practices with a fully automated platform to increase efficiency and decrease missed patient appointments. With features that include automated recall, reactivation...

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PracticeMojo now allows customers access to services designed to strenghthen their dental marketing plan. In addition to the Solo Plan,...
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Lighthouse 360 provides dental practices with a fully automated platform to increase efficiency and decrease missed patient appointments....
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With over 25+ years of experience in the dental industry, Jay Geier and the Scheduling Institute team have become the unmatched experts...
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Go Everywhere with Your Patients Four New Flavors of Lip Balm from Lips Inc. Lips Inc. lip balm is a constant reminder of your services...
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Online Dentistry Resource Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry provides convenient, immediate access to time-sensitive, dentistry-specific...
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Smile Reminder from Solutionreach has revolutionized dental marketing. They offer a custom and comprehensive marketing platform to help...
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Users who download the Spring Cleaning Marketing Guide will have access to step-by-step ideas on how to not only execute, but also track...
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AutoSDS was created to help dental offices prepare for OSHA’s upcoming Globally Harmonized System (GHS) deadlines, as well as provide a...
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Practice decisions should be based on data, not emotions. Dental Intel will clearly decipher and analyze your data to evaluate...
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3rd Era Dentistry launches The Community and Medical Outreach Program for Dental Practices. The Community and Medical Outreach Program...
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SmartPractice has developed a guide that outlines how any size dental practice can develop and implement a lively and effective Halloween...
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Great Minds and Rae Dental Management announces the PPO Analyzer for Dentrix which is an easy-to-use report that gives the office a...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Many clinicians have told Dental Product Shopper that, generally speaking, dentists tend to be creatures of habit. They become used to doing things a certain way, and they don’t often venture away from systems, techniques, and products—unless that product is compelling! In 2018, most dentists would agree that keeping a filing cabinet of film...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    How do you stay up to date on best practices for managing your dental office? Chances are you seek out resources, in print or online, to gain insight and advice from your professional peers. There is a continuous need for resources with honest, practical wisdom, especially if you’re weighing a new tool or service to increase productivity. “Front...

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  • Jamie Lamphere

    Based on my experience in network support at TechCentral, a lot of dental practices believe they won’t get infected by ransomware and that their practice data is safe. What they don’t realize is that everyone can be a target of ransomware, especially if you are a small business. That’s why it’s best to always plan ahead and be ready. It’s a...

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  • Howard Grainger

    Have you ever imagined how devastating it would be if you lost all of your practice data including your patient records, financial and accounting information, payroll, inventory…everything? No one really wants to think that they could lose all of their patient data, but this nightmare is a potential reality. To help protect yourself, you should...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Cyber criminals are specifically targeting the healthcare industry, a trend that started in 2016 and will carry into the New Year, according to Sophos’s 2018 malware forecast. In fact, according to this report, healthcare is the single most targeted industry because victims are most likely to pay ransoms. This is a disturbing revelation for a...

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  • Corey Nachreiner

    In an era of increasingly sophisticated attacks with an evolving threat landscape, hackers have found ways to circumvent basic anti-virus and firewall protections, forcing small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) like dental practices to reassess their security tools and resources. In my time as Chief Technology Officer at WatchGuard...

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