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MI Paste® One

MI Paste® One


A Natural Solution for Sensitive Teeth MI Paste® One is the only natural solution of its kind to deliver calcium, phosphate, and fluoride to your patient’s teeth. It’s a two-in-one application...

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StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit has been clinically proven to accelerate healing, relieve pain, and reduce swelling in dental...
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MI Paste is a highly effective, safe product used to treat a variety of dental conditions and create a healthy oral environment. GC...
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Under Armour introduces a new line of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear Products featuring Bite Tech technology; ArmourBite Mouthguards...
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Young Innovations' Bridge2 is positioned as a single-source partner, bringing all the specialized expertise and capabilities needed to...
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SmileGoods Patient Paks from Practicon arrive pre-filled with dental products for patients, which cuts out time dental professionals...
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Hager Worldwide now offers xylitol in its pure, granular form with Xylitol Powder. Xylitol is a natural, low calorie sweetener with a...
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Spry Infant Tooth Gel from Xlear has been developed to build the oral health of infants and children. Formulated with xylitol and...
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Conveniently stored in a resealable pouch, this Hygiene Kit from Ashtel Dental stores all the necessary oral care tools including a...
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Hager Worldwide introduces the latest addition to their xylitol product line, the Xyli-Spray. Xyli-Spray is a fresh breath spray that is...
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Crosstex now announces that it will continue to support the fight against women’s cancers with a more focused version of the Pink with a...
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A breakthrough new orthodontic product line, SeLECT Defense, with implications for dramatically improved oral hygiene, has been released...
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Hager Worldwide introduces the latest addition to their xylitol product line, the Hager Dry Mouth Drops. The Hager Dry Mouth Drops are...

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  • Allison Walker

    Many dentists and orthodontists find it hard to impress upon young patients how important it is to brush their teeth regularly, especially if they are wearing bracket systems. Teenagers and adolescents often don’t get that they could end up with white spot lesions (WSLs) and cavities unless they take extra care with their oral hygiene while...

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  • gail weisman

    The coverage of dentistry in consumer media typically skews to the negative. Fake dentists. Too many x-rays. Overtreatment. Flossing debunked. Well, the New York Times finally latched onto something positive with an article in yesterday’s edition. While the news that sealants do in fact prevent caries might elicit a communal DUH! from the dental...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    A new handheld, pen-sized microscope could identify cancer cells in doctor’s offices and operating rooms, reports the University of Washington. UW mechanical engineers are developing a handheld microscope to help doctors and dentists distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells in an office setting or operating room. The pen-sized...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Xylitol, a sugar substitute often recommended by dentists to their patients, is safe for humans, but extremely toxic to dogs. In fact, xylitol, which is found in chewing gum and many other food products, is 100 times as harmful to dogs as milk chocolate, reports The Wall Street Journal in a recent article. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase” in...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    We’ve all heard of the countless dangers of secondhand smoke. It can cause cancer, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, heart disease, and many other health complications, according to the CDC. Now we can add increased risk of caries to that list of smoking hazards. If you smoke around your kids, you’re putting them at a higher risk for...

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  • gail weisman

    When you come across an article with this title—“Flossing your teeth can be a waste of time - and do more HARM than good, leading dental expert claims”—you just have to read it. So I did, in the UK’s Daily Mail, the conservative tabloid daily with questionable editorial integrity. But considering the source, the actual point of the article...

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