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Beutlich Pharmaceuticals
Bosworth Company (A Division of Keystone Industries)
Cao Group, Inc.
Centrix, Inc.
Cetylite Industries, Inc.
Church And Dwight Co, Inc
Dentagen Distribution Llc
Dentek Oral Care, Inc.
Dentsply Pharmaceutical
Dentsply Sirona Preventive
DMG America
Gebauer Company
Glidewell Laboratories
Hager Worldwide
Henry Schein
Hu Friedy
J. Morita Usa
Keystone Industries
Mmj Labs Llc
Mydent International
Orahealth Corporation
Patterson Dental
Quantum, Inc.
Reliance Dental Mfg Co.
ST. Renatus, LLC
Sultan Healthcare
Sunstar Americas, Inc.
The Pelican Group
Ultradent Products, Inc.
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The active ingredient is benzocaine 16%. Cora-Caine provides immediate relief and a secure fit by soothing tender ridges and relieving...
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Cetacaine delivers profound anesthesia with a minimally invasive, needle-free procedure. Cetylite’s Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid...
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Whether scaling an entire quadrant or an isolated area, HurriPAK allows dispensing only the amount of liquid needed, so no product is...
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Orajel® Teething Swabs offer instant teething pain relief in a convenient swab for molars or other hard-to-reach places. This anesthetic...
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The protective lid easily comes off and on to keep the surface clean and intact. Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Gel is a fast-acting,...
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Orajel is recommended for patients ex pe - r iencing pain related to dental work, canker sores, cold sores, dentures, sensitivity due to...
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Gebauers Pain Ease is an instant topical anesthetic skin refrigerant approved to temporarily control pain associated with needle...
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It relieves the tingling, burning, itching, and pain associated with cold sores. LIP CLEAR Lysine+ is all natural, has a non-chemical...
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One Touch Advanced 32 g Jar from Hager Worldwide is a topical anesthetic gel that provides anesthesia in 30 seconds. It combines...
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CankerMelts’ patented dissolving time-release disc allows precise application of natural collagen and licorice root extract directly to...
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Gingicaine from Gingi-Pak is a topical anesthetic gel with 20% benzocaine to provide a fast onset time of 15-20 seconds and minimize...
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It is ideal for denture sores, prior to injection, and for oral ulcers/irritations, and is appropriate for patient home use. It is...

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    Researchers have found that a naturally occurring amino acid found in some foods - including red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products - breaks down plaque and could help millions of people avoid cavities and gum disease. Arginine, already used in desensitizing products and toothpastes like Colgate’s Pro-Relief, breaks down dental plaque...

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