Cavitron Integrated Systems

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Cavitron Integrated Systems offer an open office environment with the same benefits of traditional Cavitron units.

BlueZone offers extended low power range for added performance advantages and patient comfort. A Detachable and autoclavable handpiece reduces cross-contamination for enhanced infection control. The handpiece cable with swivel allows 330' rotation providing ergonomic benefits by reducing cable drag. Patented Sustained Performance System (SPS') Technology automatically adjusts system power to maintain tip stroke regardless of clinical load and conditions, allowing for scaling efficiency and improved patient comfort even at lower power settings. Lavage (water) control is conveniently located on the handpiece allows for easy adjusting without turning away from the patient.




She innocently entered a sweepstakes online. And then THIS happened…..

It started out as a lark one Sunday morning. Jane Dentist from Yourtown, USA, was on her laptop researching vacation rentals for an upcoming family trip. Suddenly, an ad caught her eye…..she could have the chance to win up to $200,000 worth of stuff for her dental practice just by filling out a quick form and answering a few easy questions. Dr. Jane didn’t usually pay attention to these sorts of things, but was intrigued. Nothing to lose, she thought. And you can’t win if you don’t play….. So, right there, right then, Jane entered the ...

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Cavitron Integrated Systems
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