Classic Elite DPA Sample Pack

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The latex-free, extra soft cup material increases flare and flexibility around the contours of the tooth. Outer spiral ridges are designed for better interproximal cleaning and splatter control.

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Classic Elite DPA Sample Pack, Latex Free
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Select the Smart Paste with a Stain Remover and Polish in One Cup

According to Young Dental, their new SmartSelect Selective Polishing Paste is the first 2-in-1 selective polishing system that promotes enamel health through customized care. SmartSelect includes a stain remover paste and a polishing paste in a single-unit cup that fits inside a customized gripper for easy use. With 2 benefits in 1 cup, the paste empowers hygienists to use the least abrasive agent possible to preserve healthy enamel. First use the stain remover/coarser paste to spot clean, and then finish with the polish/finer paste. “SmartSelect is a revolutionary new product that will change the way the industry...

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Classic Elite DPA Sample Pack
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