Clearfil DC Activator Kit

Product Description
Clearfil DC Activator from Kuraray America, Inc. is a dual-cure catalyst that contains alcohol, initiators, and unique advanced catalysts for use with Cleafil SE Bond 2, Clearfil SE Protect, and Clearfil Universal Bond. They become dual-cure, universal adhesives with low film-thickness and high self-cure bond strength when it is mixed with the bond/adhesive from these systems. This combination offers an easy, universal solution for direct, indirect, and core build-up restorations.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Clearfil DC Activator Kit

Clearfil DC Activator Kit - Clearfil DC Activator Kit
Technical Specification
Bond Mixing Required: Yes
Delivery Method: Bottle
Required Etchant: Clearfil SE Bond 2, Clearfil SE Protect or Clearfil Universal Bond
Sku# 3250KA
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Clearfil DC Activator Kit
Kuraray America Inc.
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