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Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection fights tartar, removes plaque, promotes healthy gums, and whitens teeth for a healthier smile. With regular brushing, Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protect helps protect from acid attacks. Colgate Sensitive Whitening helps restore the natural whiteness of teeth.

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My favorite Sensitive toothpaste
I have been using Colgate Sensitive toothpaste for at least a year now and prefer it to any other sensitive toothpaste that I have tried. I reccomend it to all of my patients who need a sensitive toothpaste because I like the taste so much more than the other brands. I did an in office survey with my patients and they all found it to be as effective as their current brand. I can't say that it has relieved all of my sensitivity, but when I switch back to another non sensitive toothpaste I do notice a difference. Compliance is better with this product because of the taste. It is not only tolerable, but actually tastes good.
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Colgate Sensitive
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