Colorbite Rock

Product Description
Colorbite Rock from Zhermack is an extra fast thermochromic A-Silicone used for bite registration. Functions in optimal intercuspidation bite registration, centric, protusion or lateral registrations. Also used in gnathological evaluations, diagnostic evaluation of craniocervical mandibular disorders, orthodontic centric occlusion. Material has thermochromic pigments which allows the change of color to indicate the completion of the setting time, reducing the margin of error. Placement of Colorbite Rock is effortless in both occlusal and buccal techniques. Once the material is set, can be finished with a bur or blade. This thixotropic material has a final hardness of 95 Shore A and is dimensionally stable over time.


Colorbite Rock 2 (50 ml) with Tips
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 2 (50 ml) cartridges and 12 green mixing tips
Dispensing: Gun
Final Set Hardness: 95A durometer
Flavor: Raspberry
Package Quantity: Each
Size: 50 ml Cartridge
Working Time: 30 seconds
Sku# C200760
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Colorbite Rock
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