ContacEZ IPR Strip System

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Designed for use with Invisalign, ClearCorrect, eCligner, Inman Aligner, and other clear aligner treatment systems, these strips curve and flex along the natural contours of the teeth to prevent soft tissue irritation, avoid cutting excessive enamel, and maximize patient comfort.??The system features 4 strips: The Yellow IPR Starter (0.06 mm), Red IPR Opener (0.12 mm), Dark Blue IPR Widener (0.15 mm), and Green IPR Extra-Widener (0.20 mm). ContacEZ also offers 4 additional IPR Optional Strips to offer in-depth personalization for the variety of different IPR cases: the Clear IPR Single-Sided Opener (0.10 mm), Cyan IPR Single-Sided Widener (0.12 mm), Purple IPR Super-Widener (0.25 mm), and Brown IPR Mega-Widener (0.30 mm). Also available are various IPR Accessories: Incremental Thickness Gauge, Mosquito Bur, Slow Speed Diamond Discs, and Disc Safety Guard.

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ContacEZ IPR Strip System
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