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Cook-Waite dental anesthetics, trusted by dentists for more than 60 years, feature the purity and performance you've come to expect from their products. And, because Cook-Waite dental anesthetics are part of the Kodak Dental Systems family, they’re backed by a trusted team of experts. Cook-Waite dental anesthetics include: • Cook-Waite Lidocaine: Available with or without epinephrine, Lidocaine solutions are used for the production of local anesthesia in dental procedures via nerve block or infiltration techniques. • Cook-Waite Carbocaine: Carbocaine with Neo-Cobefrin is a vasoconstrictor that produces less cardiac and central nervous system stimulation than epinephrine. • Cook-Waite Zorcaine: Zorcaine provides an intermediate duration of 60 minutes pulpal and 3 to 5 hours of soft tissue anesthesia, making it an ideal choice for all types of dental surgeries. • Cook-Waite Marcaine: For longer dental procedures such as extractions and endodontic treatment, Marcaine can deliver anesthesia up to 7 hours. • Aspirating Syringes: Constructed from metal, the ergonomically designed Cook-Waite syringes can withstand repeated autoclaving and sterilization. Cook-Waite’s packaging complies with the American Dental Association uniform color-coding standard, and all products are available with latex-free and terminally sterilized components.




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Cook-Waite Dental Anesthetics
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