Correct VPS Impression Material

Product Description
Correct VPS and Correct Quick vinyl polysiloxane impression materials are available in several viscosities to satisfy every technique. The materials are odorless and tasteless for better patient acceptance. Ease of use, excellent dimensional stability and high tear strength provide you with an accurate, highly detailed impression. Correct Quick offers a faster setting time. Unsurpassed accuracy Tasteless and odorless High tear strengths May be poured multiple times

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Correct VPS Impression Material

Correct VPS Impression Material - Putty Refill
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 1 (305 ml) putty jar base and 1 (350 ml) putty jar catalyst
Dispensing: Jar
Package Quantity: Each
Set Time: 3-4 minutes
Working Time: 1.5-2 minutes
Sku# Q03
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Correct VPS Impression Material
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