Crescent Dapaway Disposable Dappen Dishes

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Dapaway Disposable Dappen Dishes from Crescent/Rinn Dental Mfg. provide quick and easy mixing of all materials in the dental office. The dappen dishes are made of a special thermoplastic material, which is resistant to all dental materials. The disposable dishes will remain securely in place while mixing and dispensing materials due to the heavy gauge, brushed stainless steel dish receptacle. A clean new Dappen Dish is used for each prophy and fluoride treatment to keep the patient protected from cross contamination. Since the dappen dishes are disposable, that also prevents cross contamination as well as shortening the clean-up time. The dappen dishes also come with a Finger Holder that keeps the dappen dish securely on the index finger and enables the material to be brought to the operating field. This product can be used for prophy and fluoride treatments, mixing composite filling materials, acrylics, cements, and amalgams. They are sold in a pack of 1000.

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Crescent Dapaway Disposable Dappen Dishes - Refills, 1000/Pkg
Sku# C220010
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Crescent Dapaway Disposable Dappen Dishes
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