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The all-natural colloidal oatmeal USP is added as a coating to the gloves using a combination of patented and proprietary processes. According to Henry Schein Dental, CRITERION COATS can provide continuous transfer and delivery of unique skin protection during typical glove use. This innovation in glove coating can help the clinician maintain skin health, integrity, and comfort throughout the day. Henry Schein Dental’s CRITERION COATS gloves are available in nitrile and latex varieties and 5 sizes to meet the needs and preferences of any clinician.


HENRY SCHEIN DENTAL CRITERION COATS POWDER-FREE NITRILE EXAM GLOVES CRITERION COATS nitrile powder-free gloves are made with enriched colloidal oatmeal USP, a soothing,  moisturizing skin protectant which helps keep a clinician?s skin healthy throughout the day.   On my way home from work I noticed how soft my hands were from wearing CRITERION COATS gloves,? commented a hygienist evaluator who said the gloves were much  better than other nitrile gloves. A dentist from New Hampshire reported, ?My hands tend to be...

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Criterion Coats leaves hands so soft.
Criterion coats gloves offers a non-detectable oatmeal hand therapeutic system that left my hands smooth as silk after use. I noticed no sticky residue or dryness from this clever glove hand treatment. The gloves also gave secure fulcrum finger grip, as well as over all good fit.
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