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Criterion EC is textured for a secure grip and offers a high level of nitrile barrier protection with comfort and tactile sensitivity similar to latex. They are tested and approved for use with chemotherapy drugs, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, and chlorhexidine gluconate.




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Pretty good
Comfortable, but they do often tear when putting them on.
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Henry Schein Gloves
Over the years I've tried many different gloves. Some across too big, too tight, but the nitrile criterion gloves are just right. They fit snug on the palm of your hands. The finger tips are just the right size as well. Nitrile is the safest way to go due to many allergies patients seem to have. Best of all the are powder free!
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Criterion Gloves
I have used this product for years. My employer once in a while will ask me to try a different brand. However this brand continues to be reliable. What I like most about the product, is that the glove has good stretching and durability qualities. When I am busy and consistently washing my hands, then applying gloves, one thing that frustrates e most is having a glove tear while putting one on. This product is reliable and well made. No issue with tactile sensitivity. Not to thick and not too thin. Our fingertips are our eyes.
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Criterion EC Gloves
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great gloves
Love these gloves and they fit really well.
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