Crown-Pak Retraction Cord

Product Description
Gingi-Pak's Crown-Pak 4-Ply Original Retraction Cord is loosely wound to allow the strands to be separated, twisted or conjoined and functions in the gingival sulcus no matter what the size or condition. Made out of 100% cotton for a soft, yet strong cord, it's impregnated with dl epinephrine for hemostas and is ideal for all techniques, including the 2-cord technique. A unique Kutter Kap is included to prevent waste and promote infection control.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Crown-Pak Retraction Cord

Crown-Pak Retraction Cord Medicated, 4 Ply Special
Technical Specification
Dispensors: Kutter Kap
Package Quantity: Each
Size: 108"/Bottle
Medicated: dl Epinephrine HCl
Sku# 10130M
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Crown-Pak Retraction Cord
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