CS 8100

Product Description
According to Carestream Dental, the CS 8100’s imaging software is designed to minimize spinal column shadows, and it delivers clear, sharp digital images that are available for review almost instantly. The CS 8100 is also intuitive and easy to use, with preset programs and automatic exposure settings that can reduce errors. In addition to standard panoramic images, segmented pans, TMJ, and maxillary sinus images, the CS 8100 features an exclusive 2D+ program that allows the user to create thin slices along the jaw, showing more than a standard 2D image. The open, face-to-face design and transparent patient support facilitate proper patient positioning. Meanwhile, the increased thickness of the CS 8100’s focal trough provides greater tolerance for imperfect positioning and challenging anatomy, especially in the anterior area. Described by Carestream Dental as “plug-and-pan” technology, the unit’s compact size allows the CS 8100 to easily fit into tight spaces, and it is easy to install. For added convenience, many services can be performed remotely, reducing service costs and avoiding costly downtime.



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