CS 9300 Select

Product Description

Carestream Dental's CS 9300 Select is a multi-purpose extraoral imaging system that is tailored to meet any practice's diagnostic needs and budget. The CS 9300 Select is complete with 3D cone beam computed tomography and 2D digital panoramic imaging in addition to an optional cephalometric modality.

The differences between the CS 9300 Select and the original CS 9300 (launched in 2011) are the number and sizes of the 3D fields of view offered. With 4 selectable fields of view ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 10 cm x 10 cm, the CS 9300 Select is an affordable and practical option for general practitioners and specialists placing implants or performing endodontic procedures, periodontal treatments, and oral surgeries of the teeth and jaws.


CS 9300 Select
Technical Specification
Cephalo Reconstruction: Optional
DICOM Export: Yes
Field of View Available: 5 x 5 cm, 8 x 8 cm, 10 x 5 cm, 10 x 10 cm
Gray Scale: 16 bit
Image Detector: TFT, CCD
Included Software: CS Imaging Software
Installation Included: Yes
Panoramic Reconstuction: Yes
Patient Positioning: Standing
Primary Reconstruction Time: 32 to 55
Scan Time: 12 to 20
Training Included: Yes
Volume Reconstruction: Yes
Voxel Size: 90 to 400
Unit of Time: sec (s)
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CS 9300 Select
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