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Six of the most frequently used consents are incorporated in the new version: extraction of teeth, extraction of teeth and anesthesia, grafting, endodontic surgery, biopsy procedure, and day of surgery. In addition to serving as a foundation for practices’ front office teams, CS WinOMS v8.5 is also compatible with Carestream Dental’s imaging software, allowing for easy access to patients’ digital images. The software also gives practitioners the ability to void prescriptions and access the Lexicomp drug database.




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Necessary tools not available
This is a very easy software to navigate, not much to it. That being said, it's easy because it's capabilities are limited. The software has no daily production tools to set, track and review daily production goals. This is a major flaw in my opinion. I have worked with Dentrix, Softdent and Carestream Practiceworks in the past; by far, WINOMS is the least management friendly product. I have inquired numerous times as to why this software has so many missing pieces, and to date no one can give a proper answer. Winoms reps are quick to recommend that I should submit my requests directly to Carestream ( which I have done numerous times, including at their annual meeting in Atlanta headquarters) , unfortunately it falls on deaf ears. For an easy software, with no major management tools needed this is your product, if you want something more from your management software, look at the many other products available for the money.
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CS WinOMS v8.5
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