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Tasks such as submitting patient insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, processing patient payments, and entering patient data can be done faster or automatically. The automation and improved efficiency are made possible by eServices’ unparalleled integration with Dentrix.




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What does your ideal dental practice look like? How does the technology fit together to create an efficient workflow? Building an integrated dental practice doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning and resources, and ideally, guidance from a trusted partner. Henry Schein Dentrix is a dental practice management software that’s open architecture, meaning it makes room for a variety of technologies and tools that meet the needs of individual practices. Dentrix helps technologies integrate deeper into the Dentrix system to share data and interfaces, so they work together as one system. These technologies can include 3M True Definition,...

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Great Tool
Dentrix Integrated eServices makes my life and our office world so much easier. We couldn't be happier.
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Don't waste your time and money
We have had Dentrix in this practice since about 1999. Since I have owned this practice, we have tried many times unsuccessfully to use products offered by eServices. We have tried PowerPay LE only to have it run credit cards multiple times and upset patients. We have tried DTX Mobile to only find out that our version of Dentrix has enough problems that it doesn't work. Even their high level technicians couldn't find the problem after wasting DAYS on the phone trying to fix the problems. Now, I had eBackup set up and called and changed the backup when we were being charged monthly for going over the 5 GB that are free. Now I am being billed for months of use that they had told me they had fixed, but did not. When confronting them about the problem, they are unwilling to budge and continuously nickel and dime me for another monthly fee!!! NOT WORTH DOING BUSINESS WITH eServices WHEN THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK WELL!!!
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Dentrix-Integrated eServices
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