Dia-Pen and Dia-Gun Obturation System

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The first half of the equation is the Dia-Pen cordless warm vertical compaction device. According to DiaDent, this device effectively and tightly compacts and seals all canals, including lateral canals. It also has a heating tip that reaches its highest temperature setting within 1 second. Dia-Pen features a cordless, lightweight design and 3 temperature settings for ease of use and versatility. Next, clinicians use Dia-Gun, a cordless obturation system that extrudes warm gutta percha to backfill root canals. Like Dia-Pen, Dia-Gun is cordless and designed with ergonomics in mind. The device provides fast and continuous flow of filling material to tightly seal the remaining portion of the canal. Dia-Gun features a thin tip that swivels 360° for ease of access in the canal. The quick heating system reaches 200°C in under 25 seconds and has 3 temperature settings to allow clinicians to precisely control the flow of material.

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Dia-Pen and Dia-Gun Obturation System
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