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Dr. Roane Condensers from Miltex by Integra are available in both small and large sized condensers. The smaller sizes are made of nickel titanium for better compacting of the gutta percha around curved canals, while the larger ISO sized condensers have a GTX non-stick coating applied to them. This non-stick coating reduces both the sticking and pull-back effect gutta percha can have on condensers in the coronal region of the tooth. These condensers are designed to improve the handling of gutta percha and other obturation materials because of the tactile tone handle.

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Dr. Roane Condenser Kit - Dr. Roane Condenser Kit
Technical Specification
Contains: 6 ISO sized condensers (Dr. Roane 45, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140) in a Thompson Slimline cassette
Package Quantity: Each
Size: Assorted
Sku# XFR
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Dr. Roane Condenser Kit - Size 100, GTX
Technical Specification
Color: Blue
Package Quantity: Each
Size: 100TT SE GTX
Sku# UF100X
Dr. Roane Condenser Kit - Size 120, GTX
Technical Specification
Color: Green
Package Quantity: Each
Size: 120TT SE GTX
Sku# UF120X
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Dr. Roane Condensers
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