Drake Dental Laboratories - Z-Sthetic Zirconia Crowns

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Z-Sthetic Crowns from Drake Laboratory have a zirconia core with stacked porcelain for optimal esthetics. Drake can produce these well adapted full coverage restorations that rival the benchmark established by porcelain-fused-to-metal dentistry.

These restorations can be placed in all positions in the mouth (except 2nd molar), providing the versatility, biocompatibility, and natural esthetics necessary to please clinicians and patients. 




Drake Precision Dental Lab

Zirlux zirconia provides patients with an exceptionally strong, esthetic, all-ceramic alternative to metal restorations that mimics the characteristics and translucency of natural teeth. Offered exclusively by Henry Schein Prosthetic Network laboratories, Zirlux zirconia can be prescribed for multiple restorative options, including copings, crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Here, Dr. Drew Clement discusses his experiences with Zirlux zirconia and Drake Precision Dental Lab.   Download the full PDF here....

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Drake Dental Laboratories - Z-Sthetic Zirconia Crowns
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