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The EA-40LT electric brushless micromotor from A-dec is designed to integrate seamlessly into the A-dec Cascade delivery system. It is compact (1.85 in long) and weighs 2.5 oz, with an ergonomic design. The EA-40LT operates at speeds from 2000-40,000 rpm.

However, with the right A-dec attachments, it can maintain speeds as low as 150 rpm and as high as 200,000 rpm. The brushless technology also provides high torque (3 Ncm), even at slower speeds. The digital touchpad can be used to choose from 3 different preset speeds or to program speed settings. The motor also operates in both forward and reverse. A tabletop version that works with all delivery systems is also available.

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ADEC W&H EA - 40LT Electric Micromotor
Dr. Roxanne Robertson purchased 13 of these electric micro motors in '2009...which worked perfectly in our office...just really disappointed that this product is no longer available through ADEC... Esmer
from 4750 S.P.I.D. #101,  
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Reliable, dependable and we'll balanced
The Adec motor has been very reliable, I have never needed any repairs in over 10 years, I feel the balanced feel gives me more precise control
from Iowa,  
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