Embrace First-Coat Refill

Product Description
Embrace First- Coat from Pulpdent is a convenient 1 step resin primer. First-Coat is part of the high quality line of Embrace products and successfully bonds to prepared ceramic and metal. The solution is developed solvent free. Available in 1.2ml syringe with 10 flocked tips.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Embrace First-Coat Refill

Embrace First-Coat Refill - 1.2 ml Syringe and 10 Flocked Tips
Technical Specification
Contains: 1 (1.2 ml) syringe and 10 flocked tips
Package Quantity: Each
Packaging: Each
Size: 1.2 ml
Contains: 1 (1.2 ml) syringe and 10 flocked tips
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Embrace First-Coat Refill
Pulpdent Corporation
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