Endo-Extractor System

Product Description
The Endo-Extractor System from Roydent is ideal for the removal of separated filed and for the removal of silver points. Minimal pressure is needed due to the "Jacobs Chuck-like" device, which grabs the embedded article with equal force all the way around. The Endo-Extractor System is a one of a kind hollow trepan drill made of stainless steel.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Endo-Extractor System

Endo-Extractor System - Complete Kit - Endo-Extractor System - Complete Kit
Technical Specification
Contains: 3 extractors, 1 of each: 0.30 white, 0.50 yellow and 0.70 red
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 32260
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Endo-Extractor System
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