Enhance Mini Finishing System

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More than 70% of dentists say that simplicity is one of the most important factors for a finishing and polishing system.1

That's why we designed the Enhance Finishing System. Achieve the entire process of excess removal, contouring, and finishing simply by varying the pressure. Push harder to remove excess composite, ease it off for final results. In just one step the Enhance Finishing System delivers a smooth, contoured surface with a natural looking finish.

Ensure lasting beauty and quality for every Class II dental restoration. Enhance® finishers gives you a smooth finish to minimize the presence of surface irregularities that can lead to staining, plaque retention, gingival irritation, recurrent caries and tactile perception by the patient.

It is also now available in mini sizes for improved access and versatility on smaller restorative surfaces.

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1. Exevia: Dental Shuttle Q4, 2016, Germany





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Enhance Mini Finishing System
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