Shatkin One Piece Mini Dental Implant

Shatkin One Piece Mini Dental Implant Evaluation

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Designed for single tooth or multiple tooth replacements, the 2.5-mm diameter Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. One Piece Mini Dental Implant features a blossom thread design at the apical portion and micro threads at the abutment end.

The Shatkin One Piece ?can be used in areas where conventional implants can?t be placed,? shared a general dentist from Chicago. ?It gives the patient another option. Not everyone can afford conventional implants.? Another evaluator said the One Piece is a ?great addition to our SDI (Small Diameter Implant) development and one I?ve been looking forward to for years.?

Eight dentists with a combined 262 years of experience evaluated Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.?s One Piece Mini Dental Implant for Dental Product Shopper. Half of the evaluators had been using the One Piece for over a year and half had been using it for less than 6 months. 

Implant Design, Ease of Use, and Insertion

Manufacturer Description: The One Piece Mini Dental Implant features a blossom thread design at the apical portion for ease of bone cutting along with micro threads at the abutment end.

Evaluator Feedback: When asked what he liked best about the Shatkin One Piece, a Michigan general practitioner said he liked ?the increased abutment head design for single tooth replacement.? He continued, ?I like it because the design works!? 

Regarding ease of use and insertion, an evaluator with 34 years of experience commented, ?The simplicity of the one piece mini-dental implant system [from] Shatkin combined with its strength and immediate stability is superb!? A Washington dentist liked best that the Shatkin One Piece is ?so easy to use,? and a Canadian evaluator liked best that the implant is ?extremely easy to place.?


Stability, Components, and Restorative Outcome

Manufacturer Description: The Ossean surface of the implant encourages a faster osseointegration period to maintain and increase initial stability. The micro threads at the abutment end and the platform switching concept promote bone healing and long term bone stability. 

Evaluator Feedback: ?Great stability? is what one evaluator liked best about the One Piece, and a Texas dentist liked that the implant ?is ready to be restored either immediately or with a conventional temporary crown.? 

Regarding the components, one of the evaluators said, ?The head is large enough to restore as a conventional crown prep with no need for analogs.? A dentist for 36 years recommends ?longer abutment heads,? and a California dentist would like to see ?different collar heights.? This same evaluator liked the ?improvement [of the] final restoration? best.


Patient and User Experience

Manufacturer Description: Dr. Todd Shatkin invented the F.I.R.S.T. Technique (Fabricated Implant Restoration and Surgical Technique), which gives practitioners the ability to restore a patient?s teeth in one appointment without the need to remove healthy tooth structure. 

Evaluator Feedback: An evaluator in practice for 46 years commented that the One Piece is ?user friendly for [the] referring dentist,? and a Texas dentist noted that ?just a conventional impression works great for the lab to fabricate the restoration.? Another evaluator reported ?good patient post op response? that was ?virtually painless? with ?little or no morbidity issues.?

A family and cosmetic dentist from Ohio praised Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.?s customer service, ?The support and education I received [from] Shatkin is what convinced me to become an MDICA (Mini Dental Implant Centers of America).?

Overall Satisfaction

 All 8 of the evaluators said they would definitely purchase the Shatkin One Piece implants again in the future and all  said they would recommend the product to colleagues. 

A dentist in practice for 12 years, who has been using the implant for over a  year, summed up his experience with the Shatkin One Piece Mini Implant, ?Spread the good news about minis?they are making possible what for too many has been unattainable!?

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Shatkin One Piece Mini Dental Implant
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