EverLight® LED Operatory Light

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Product Description

True light for every procedure

In the operatory, different procedures require different kinds of light. Designed with three procedural and three intensity settings, EverLight offers a total of nine settings to assure the correct light in every procedure. Easily accessible touch pads make lighting changes quick and effortless.

Proper positioning is everything

Improper lighting contributes to 25% of fatigue. Proper lighting with the EverLight can increase production by as much as 20%. Correctly positioned operatory lighting minimizes shadows and maximizes effectiveness.


For both mandibular and maxillary procedure, the light should be in the patient’s mid-saggital plane directly above or slightly behind the patient’s oral cavity. The light line and eye line should be within 15 degrees of each other.


EverLight LED Operatory Light DentalEZ EverLight’s state-of-the-art LED technology provides unsurpassed illumination for a wide range of indications. DentalEZ, the first company in the United States to design an operatory light with 100% true direct LED technology, describes EverLight as providing a work field with more efficient, direct light. EverLight features natural daylight illumination, 9 color/intensity settings, and a focused light pattern that provides proper color corrective light for all procedures. The cool, quiet,...

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EverLight® LED Operatory Light
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