EvoraPro in 90 Day Supply

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Used as a follow-up at-home protocol, EvoraPro probiotic mints help patients maintain the results of professional cleaning and/or scaling longer. Each EvoraPro mint contains an extra-strength blend of ProBiora3 oral care probiotics with 3 strains of bacteria that support dental and gingival health and kill the germs that cause bad breath. These beneficial bacteria--Streptococcus oralis (S. oralis KJ3®), Streptococcus uberis (S. uberis KJ2®), and Streptococcus rattus (S. rattus JH145®)--bind to teeth and go deep under the gingival margin, crowding out harmful bacteria while maintaining a healthy balance of oral microflora. Following a professional dental prophylaxis, patients should dissolve an EvoraPro in the mouth every night for 30 days after brushing. After the 30-day use of EvoraPro, patients should continue to use it for ongoing maintenance. Over a period of weeks, S. oralis KJ3 and S. uberis KJ2 substantially reduce levels of the oral bacteria associated with bad breath and the volatile sulfur compounds they produce. And for continuous whitening, S. oralis KJ3 and S. uberis KJ2 also produce a low dose of hydrogen peroxide as a natural metabolic by-product. EvoraPro does not damage, discolor, or otherwise affect bridges, crowns, implants, veneers, dental braces, expanders, aligners, or dentures. This safe, easy-to-use, and natural probiotic mint extends the clean “fresh from the dentist” feeling. EvoraPro naturally supports gum and tooth health while freshening breath and whitening teeth. It is available in a 90-day supply. EvoraPro is convenient, affordable and requires no refrigeration.

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EvoraPro in 90 Day Supply
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