Directa FenderWedge® - Protects tooth and gingiva during preparations

Product Description

Damage to neighboring teeth is a frequent problem with bur use in everyday dental practices. During class II preparations research states 70% of neighboring teeth suffer damage. The FenderWedge is a solution to the common damage occurred during Class II preparations. The FenderWedge is a consolidation of a steel plate and plastic wedge. The design facilitates easy application of a matrix. It is recommended to secure the FenderWedge with a waxed dental floss. The FenderWedhe is available in four sizes, x-small, small, medium and large in refill-, value pack or assortment.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Directa FenderWedge® - Protects tooth and gingiva during preparations

FenderWedge Assorted Kit, 144/Pkg - FenderWedge Assorted Kit, 144/Pkg
Technical Specification
Contains: Contains 1 hand-operated organizer box, 144 FenderWedges total: 36 X-small (purple), 36 small (orange), 36 medium (green) and 36 large (yellow)
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 6027-50
FenderWedge, 36/Pkg - Small (1.4 mm) Orange
Technical Specification
Color: Orange
Package Quantity: 36/Pkg
Size: 1.4 mm
Sku# 6027-51
FenderWedge, 36/Pkg - Medium (1.9 mm) Green
Technical Specification
Color: Green
Package Quantity: 36/Pkg
Size: 1.9 mm
Sku# 6027-52
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Directa FenderWedge® - Protects tooth and gingiva during preparations
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