FG 557

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Computer aided design was used to maximize performance while cutting. The FG 557 is fast and efficient for cavity preps and for fast starting of crown preps and it will not rust when autoclaved and will not break or chip when used on tooth structure. This carbide bur comes in packs of 10 or 100.




Strauss Diamond Instruments…And More

Don’t let the name fool you, Strauss Diamond Instruments has a full line of products to assist you with all of your restorative procedures. In addition to a large selection of diamond burs and carbide burs , Strauss offers discs, finishing strips, interproximal instruments, polishers , and more. Strauss Diamond Instruments is the American division of Strauss & Co, which has been manufacturing dental instruments for over 40 years. Both product innovation and customer service sit at the top of the priority list for Strauss. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation...

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FG 557
Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
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