Flex-R Files

Product Description
Miltex by Integra's Miltex Union Broach Flex-R Files are an endodontic hand file that ensures the most comprehensive cleaning and shaping of the root canal by eliminating the possibility of ledge formation and removing the cutting surfaces at the tip's leading edge. This product has been engineered to provide maximum flexibility due to the triangular cross-sectional area of the Flex-R file. It is made from high quality stainless steel to help ensure the strength and quality. The handles are ISO color coded and printed with the ISO file tip size, so it allows for easy identification of the file. They are designed with a non-cutting Roane tip, which reduces the chance of file ledging or transportation from occurring. In order to meet the needs of dental professionals, they are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and rubber stop configurations. The Flex-R files come in 6 per pack.


Flex-R Files Size 55, Length 28 mm, 6/Pkg - Flex-R Files Size 55, Length 28 mm, 6/Pkg
Technical Specification
Color: Red
Length: 28 mm
Size: 55
Sku# 012-14132

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Flex-R Files
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