GC Fujirock® EP OptiXscan- Inca Brown, 5 Kg

Product Description
Compatible with existing scan devices (laser, optical) Extremely smooth but nonreflective surface for optimized scannability Adaptable working time and short setting time for fast processing Variable mixing ratio without difference in physical properties Low setting expansion of less than 0.08% for highest precision High compressive strength of approx. 53 MPa with less risk of breakage during removal and handling of the model

PRODUCT OPTIONS: GC Fujirock® EP OptiXscan- Inca Brown, 5 Kg

GC Fujirock EP OptiXscan Inca Brown, 5 Kg
Sku# 900482
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GC Fujirock® EP OptiXscan- Inca Brown, 5 Kg
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