GC Initial PC

Product Description
GC Initial PC is a pressable ceramic system ideal for the fabrication of veneers, inlays and onlays using the pressing technique. This ceramic is used for pressing whether layering or staining is preferred. Natural opacity Optimally cross-matched coefficient of thermal expansion Firing temperature of 950°C Suitable for staining and layering Identical shade system for layering High fracture and thermal stability Easy processing and robust stability Combines with GC Initial LF for a complete full ceramic system Starter Kit contains: 20 (5/pkg) press pellets, dentin 1 of each color: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, B4, C2, C3 and D3; bleached 1 of each color: AO and BO; veneer enamel VE-2; occlusal 1 of each: OL-2 and OM-2; translucent one of each: TD-1, TD-2 and TN; opaque 1 of each: Op-1 and Op-3; 5 one-way press plunger; 3 ringbase system large; silicon ring large; 3 ringbase system small; silicon ring small; 20 (100 g) GC PressINvest powder, 2 (200 ml) GC PressINvest liquid


GC Initial PC Starter Kit
Technical Specification
Contains: 20 press pellets (5/pkg), 10 dentin, 2 bleached, 2 veneer enamel, 2 occlusal, 3 translucent, 2 opaque, 5 one-way press plunger, 3 ringbase system lar
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