Glass Fibre Posts

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Glass Fibre Posts from Ellman International are used to support full crowns on endodontically broken teeth, supports restorations with composite resin, amalgam or composite cores, and stabilizes cast restorations after endodontic treatment that were already present. These posts are cemented in to minimize root stress and the self-limiting, tapered reamers avoid perforations and root fractures. Easily removed and trimmed Biocompatible Elasticity similar to dentin Longitudinal fiber structure Oxidation and corrosion will not occur

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Glass Fibre Post Kit
Sku# EGF200
Glass Fibre Posts - Refill, 6/Pkg - Size 1 (1.27 mm x 19.43 mm), White
Sku# EGF201
Glass Fibre Posts - Refill, 6/Pkg - Size 2 (1.48 mm x 19.43 mm), Yellow
Sku# EGF202
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Glass Fibre Posts
Ellman International, Inc.
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