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Grandio—Flowable universal nano-hybrid composite designed to provide excellent wear resistance and handling characteristics.


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this material is..........heavy ( circa 1970 saying )
its a very good material ez to use when u need something that has less flow.....go with this can be a REAL time saver
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composite review
The material is superb and very easy to use. You can apply the composite in all class restorations. It never sticks to any instruments. The material holds up very well after years of wear and tear. The only problem is that only two distributors supply it and they have price control. I highly recommend Grandioso.
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Excellent qualities
One shade,A2 is all I seem to need with this product for superior results. It also has the right opacity. The handling is very good.l I have tried many, but this has my allegiance as the best in the market
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Voco America, Inc.
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