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Grandio—Flowable universal nano-hybrid composite designed to provide excellent wear resistance and handling characteristics.

Voco America’s Grandio universal lightcuring nano-hybrid restorative provides low shrinkage (1.57% by volume) and high transverse strength. According to Voco America, this is due to its composition of 87% fillers by weight and 30% to 50% less resin compared with standard micro hybrids.

In dentistry, nanotechnology is intended to create a filling material with high initial polish and polish retention that can be used in the anterior and posterior. Nanotechnology should also create a material with mechanical properties that can stand up to high stress.1
In 2006, the journal Stomatologija published a paper by Gone¯alves and colleagues that studied the diametrical strength and Knoop microhardness of 5 nanofilled composites, including Grandio from Voco. The highest diametrical tensile strengths were observed in Grandio (45.23 MPa for dentin and 49.24 MPa for enamel). The Knoop microhardness for Grandio was 123.90 KHN for dentin and 74.89 KHN for enamel.2

Ease of Use
According to the manufacturer, Grandio, which can be used with all dentin/enamel-bonding agents, offers good sculptibility and high abrasion resistance, enhanced color stability, excellent polishability, improved translucency, and very high biocompatibility. Slumping is not a problem when Grandio is used, Voco America notes.
All 3 dentists who evaluated the product rated it very good for ease of use and excellent to very good for adaptation quality. Said one dentist, “It’s a nice product and it adapted well.”

Packaging and Instructions
The dentist evaluators rated Grandio very good to good for packaging and enclosed instructions. One dentist commented: “the simple schematic diagrams are easy to follow.” However, the evaluators also pointed out some areas for improvement. One evaluator noted that “it would be nice to have all of the etch/bond, flowable, and packable in a nice kit.” To overcome this in his office, this dentist put all of the material together in a bin.

Indications and Features
Grandio is intended for the following uses:

  • Class 1 to Class 5 fillings
  • reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
  • faceting discolored anteriors
  • correcting shape and shade for better esthetic appearance
  • splinting, locking of loose anteriors
  • repair of veneers
  • core buildup under crowns
  • composite inlays

Grandio is available in 16 shades. A shade guide is provided. Five shades are provided in the product’s syringe kit and caps kit. Other shades can be ordered separately as refills.

1 - Mitra SB, Wu D, Holmes BN. An application of nanotechnology in advanced dental materials. J Am Dent Assoc. 2003;134:1382-1390.

2 - Gone¯alves Mota E, Mitsu H, Oshima S, et al. Evaluation of diametral tensile strength and knoop microhardness of five nanofilled composites in dentin and enamel shades. Stomatologija. 2006;8:67-69.

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this material is..........heavy ( circa 1970 saying ) May 06, 2013


davidberl from nyc

its a very good material
ez to use
when u need something that has less
flow.....go with this

can be a REAL time saver

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3 people found this review helpful.

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composite review May 01, 2013


peter from 5511 west montrose,chicago ill,60641

The material is superb and very easy to use. You can apply the composite in all class restorations. It never sticks to any instruments. The material holds up very well after years of wear and tear. The only problem is that only two distributors supply it and they have price control. I highly recommend Grandioso.

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6 people found this review helpful.

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Excellent qualities April 30, 2013


Uhley from Cincinnati OH

One shade,A2 is all I seem to need with this product for superior results. It also has the right opacity. The handling is very good.l
I have tried many, but this has my allegiance as the best in the market

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4 people found this review helpful.

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