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GrandTEC is a glass fiber strand that consists of multiple, densely packed, parallel running glass fibers impregnated with a special light-curing resin. GrandTEC can be shaped before polymerization, cured with conventional polymerization devices, and is compatible with all standard, light-curing composites and flowables. Because GrandTEC is already impregnated with a resin, it provides significant improvement in the transverse strength and leads to considerably higher fracture resistance of the restoration. GrandTEC not only has impressive material properties, it also features outstanding handling. Each glass fiber is protected from light and sealed in an easily removable protective film encased in a blister. GrandTEC can also be used in the osseointergration process of an implant, as well as trauma therapy. GrandTEC is compatible with all light-curing bonds and composites in direct or indirect restorations. The material requires no special gloves or tools in the application process, and it is available in five 5.5-mm protective strands. —Bob Alaburda


GrandTEC glass fiber strands 5.5 cm each - 5/Pkg
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 5/Pkg
Size: 55 mm Strands
Sku# 1168
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