GUM Razzle Dazzle Toothbrush

Product Description
GUM Razzle Dazzle Toothbrush provides fun and effective teeth cleaning with its colorful design. The angled bristle design helps clean between teeth and removes dental plaque and food particles. The raised-tip bristles help access and clean the hard-to-reach posterior teeth. Contoured handle with thumb pad ensures proper technique and excellent control. Soft bristles are gentle to kids teeth and gums. Large, eye-catching decals make brushing fun.

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GUM Razzle Dazzle Toothbrush 12/Pkg
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: 12/Pkg
Size: Compact
Type: Soft (Youth)
Package Quantity: 12/Pkg
Sku# 217P
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GUM Razzle Dazzle Toothbrush
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